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The more we have a compassionate and educated conversation about the issues of child abuse the more we will shine the light and let others become aware of what they can do to be part of the solution to end the vicious cycle of abuse.

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Reaching Out to the Community

The Programme has the following components:

  1. Primary intervention.

  2. Secondary intervention

  3. Tertiary intervention.


1) Primary Intervention

It comprises mass media and other public awareness campaigns and interactions such as lectures, panel discussions, short plays, and other such methodologies.


It will encourage full participation from day care facilities, schools and colleges, PTAs, public and private sectors, NGOs, community groups, religious groups, service clubs, and all individuals to develop and disseminate cost-effective messages on child abuse and its negative impact via flyers, posters and other similar methods of communication.

Finally, it will encourage persons in the community to utilize the Crime Stoppers Barbados hotline service. which is confidential,simple and anonymous.




Programme Components Cont'd

(2) Secondary Intervention

This strategy will target individual or group requests from the general public. It will also accept referrals from the Child Care Board (CCB), the Magistrate’s Courts, Police Hot-line, Schools/PTAs and Polyclinics.  


Throughout the life of the programme, qualified resource persons will conduct education, guidance and support sessions (at Polyclinics, NGOs such as PAREDOS, schools and churches), with the parents / persons and children referred. These participatory sessions will focus on child abuse, effective parenting and child development, and topics of this nature.  

 (3) Tertiary Intervention

Tertiary intervention incorporates counselling initiatives aimed at preventing the recurrence of abuse or neglect. The responsibility for this segment remains with the CCB and agencies or professionals identified by the CCB.

Let us preserve our children's innocence

Barbados has committed itself to protecting the rights of children through the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).  Integral to this collection of rights are those geared at the protection of children who are abused, neglected or at risk of harm.  FSIO (Inc.) seeks to be an additional national resource in helping to bring awareness and prevention of child abuse.