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Learn more about child abuse

What is Child Abuse?

It is mistreatment or neglect of a child that results in harm or injury.

Child abuse can include:

Physical Abuse

- Purposely injuring a child by hitting, shaking, kicking, burning or throwing objects.

Emotional Abuse

- Crushing or devastating a child’s spirit with shouting, cursing, threats, or humiliation.

Sexual Abuse

- Sexual contact with a child (incest, inappropriate touching, etc.); using a child for prostitution; obscene/ sexual language or exposure not involving contact.


- Willfully failing to provide for a child’s emotional (love, attention, Etc.) or physical (food, shelter, etc.) needs; failing to offer guidance and supervision.

Warning Signs of the victim:

  • Bruises, broken bones, burns, etc.

  • Injury/redness around the genitals

  • Attention seeking, fearful

  • Unusual knowledge of sex

  • Lack of concentration

Warning Signs of the Abuser:

  • Strict disciplinarians

  • Refers to children as difficult

  • Defensive

They come from all walks of life. They may be:

  • -Parents

  • -Relatives

  • -Friends or strangers

  • -People in Authority

Common Traits of People Who Abuse:

Why Should I Learn About Child Abuse?

It prevents them from shining:


  • Spiritually

  • Physically

  • Intellectually

  • creatively

  • Emotionally

  • Socially

Child abuse hurts children.

Protect Children from child abuse

-Low Self Esteem

-Poor Control over Emotion

-A History of Being Abused

-Financial Problems

-Social Isolation

- Relationship Problems

-Lack of Knowledge

-Substance Abusers

Common Traits of People Who Abuse: