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To devise and undertake support programmes and promote child abuse awareness and education to all sectors of the population.

To encourage all sectors/persons in the community to participate in a nationwide outreach thrust to fight child abuse.

To solicit, receive and manage funds donated.

To do all such things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of its objectives.  




  • To sensitise and inform the public on issues related to child abuse and its negative impact on children, families and the community.

  • To provide parenting information, support and guidance to parents and others who are abusing their children.

  • To motivate parents and others to practise effective parenting skills within the home, school and the community.

Our Mission

To protect children through an intervention programme that educates and supports parents and others about child abuse.

Our Impact

Outreach on many levels

Prevention education programmes

FSIO (Inc.) aims to help prevent the cycle of child abuse from continuing in Barbados.

Educating the public is one of the most successful ways to help bring awareness to our children’s care and safeguard their childhood.

We believe the key to preventing child abuse is education and awareness which is exactly what our prevention programmes provide.  Our aim is to:

Teach parents, children, educators and the wider community about the many forms of abuse and what to do if they, or anyone they know, are ever involved in an abusive situation.

Help children and teens learn the skills to prevent or interrupt cycles of neglect, bullying, and child abuse—physical, emotional, and sexual. 

Provide materials and resources to engage parents, children and caregivers, teachers, coaches, school administrators, and community stakeholders. 

The content and delivery are based on best practices from research in child development, learning styles, social psychology, and child abuse and neglect prevention.

N.B. Peer to peer or teacher to student sexual harassment and physical abuse occurs in sports as well as in the home.

Suspicious activity, and slight hints at the negative behaviour of a child should not be simply dismissed or taken for gossip.  Support from organisations like FSIO (Inc.) can help children, educators and all those who care for children take a confident next step to listen more and investigate further. 


Intervention Programmes

FSIO (Inc.)also wants to help intervene where children are involved in abusive and neglect situations through measures that include crisis resolution.  Our affiliate Crime Stoppers Barbados' hotline provides a point of help for anyone who fears that a child is in a dangerous situation or suspects that child abuse may be occurring.

Treatment Programmes

If a case of abuse has been confirmed FSIO (Inc.) will facilitate the process of getting the child and family the care through government agencies and private organisations that are equipped to provide the intensive care that’s needed.

Principal Functions

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