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The Family Support Intervention Organization FSIO (Inc.) is a registered charity established in June, 2016, by a Board of eight trustees.


The FSIO (Inc.) Board of Trustees are experienced, highly qualified professionals most of whom have a background in child development, parenting, family support, psychology, psychiatry, medicine, social work, policing or counselling


The FSIO (Inc.) was developed in response to the consistent public outcry over child injuries and deaths in Barbados and the urgent need to assist with the protection of children through family education, empowerment and support.


Our Board, members and volunteers are drawn from a wide cross-section of the community. We will continue to welcome members and volunteers that can help us to execute the programme in homes, work places and in the local communities.

You can do your part to help children live free from abuse. Contact our affiliate

Crime Stoppers Barbados Hotline service for guidance.

Family Support & Intervention Services


  • To devise and undertake support programmes and promote child abuse awareness and education to all sectors of the population. 

  • To encourage all sectors/persons in the community to participate in a nationwide outreach thrust to fight child abuse.

  • To solicit, receive and manage funds donated.

  • To do all such things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of our objectives.   

What is child abuse

It is mistreatment or neglect of a child that results in harm or injury. Child abuse can include:

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Should I be concerned about child abuse?

“Violence, exploitation and abuse occur in homes, families, schools, care and justice systems, workplaces and communities across all contexts, including as a result of conflict and natural disasters. Many children are exposed to various forms of violence, abuse, including sexual abuse and exploitation, armed violence, trafficking, child labour, gender-based violence, bullying, cyber-bullying, gang violence, physically and emotionally violent child discipline, and other harmful practices.” (UNICEF Eastern Caribbean Child Protection Statistical Digest 2015)

How can you help?

Everyone has a role to play in stopping child abuse before it starts.  Get involved - it begins  at home and extends to the wider community.

Volunteer today!